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Informed Group Conscience 12/22/2014

The Group Business Meeting: Where A.A. Service Begins

12 Concepts article from Fall 2011 Box 459

Twelve Tips on Keeping Your Holiday Season Sober and Joyous (Box 459) - Many of these tips apply all-year-round, no matter what and when your holiday season may be.

Area 56 Grapevine Survey Results (Graphical View) Click here for Graphs

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Rick S. on Dark Districts (2006)

Is Your Group Listed with GSO?

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Service is not work but rather an opportunitybyAR.pdf


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Problem with AA is by AR.pdf

Traditions can be Fuzzy by AR.pdf

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Preliminary Agenda Items for 2012 General Service Conference

61st GSC Report.pdf Posted 5/23/11

Alicia's Notes from the 61st General Service Conference. DelegatesDiary61.pdf

61stGeneral Service ConferenceAgendaItemsOnly.pdf

61st General Service Conference Final Agenda Items Every year, Alcoholics Anonymous takes a Group Conscience.  These are the items to be discussed at the 2011 General Service Conference.  Please discuss these issues with your homegroup and bring your group's conscience to Area 56's Mini-Conference, March 25-27, 2011.AgendaItems.pdf

61st GSC Here is the list of the agenda items that Area 56 looked at during our mini-conference and what the 61st General Service Conference did with them  AgendaItems.pdf

OLD Area 56 Handbook Release 1 .pdf

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