03/15-17/2019 Area 56 Mini-Conference, Dayton Marriott, Dayton OH

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Area 56 Calendar for 2019

  & CHAIRS Area 56 panel 68 (2018-2020)

Delegate Jenny C.: delegate@aaarea56.org  

Alt. Del./Area Chair Nancy F.: areachair@aaarea56.org  

Registrar/CS Andrea H.: registrar@aaarea56.org 

Treasurer Annette S.: treasurer@aaarea56.org  

Rec. Secretary Sandra H.: secretary@aaarea56.org  

Archives Chair Nacho M.: archives@aaarea56.org

Communications Chair VACANT: communications@aaarea56.org

Corrections Chair Courtney V.: corrections@aaarea56.org

Finance Chair Bob H.: finance@aaarea56.org 

Grapevine Chair Laura F.: grapevine@aaarea56.org 

Group Services Chair Diana K. group.services@aaarea56.org

Hospitality Chair VACANT: hospitality@aaarea56.org

Literature Chair  Garcia G.: literature@aaarea56.org 

Area 56 Mini-Conf. Chair Laura G. miniconference@aaarea56.org

Outreach Chair VACANT: outreach@aaarea56.org

PI/CPC Chair VACANT: pi.cpc@aaarea56.org

Treatment/Accessibilities Chair VACANT tfsn@aaarea56.org

Website Holly R.:  siteadmin@aaarea56.org

Cincinnati Intergroup Liaison Ray E.: cincy.liaison@aaarea56.org

Dayton Intergroup Liaison Warren G.:  dayton.liaison@aaarea56.org   

Districts 1-10 DCMC VACANT:  D1to10DCMC@aaarea56.org

District 01 DCM Gary F.:  d01dcm@aaarea56.org

District 11 DCM Brittany D11DCM@aaarea56.org

District 12 DCM Ron H.:   D12DCM@aaarea56.org

District 13 DCM Lynn I.:   D13DCM@aaarea56.org

District 19 DCM Cindy H.: D19DCM@aaarea56.org

District 21 DCM Rodney B.:  D21DCM@aaarea56.org

District 23 DCM Nacho M.: D23DCM@aaarea56.org

District 28 DCM Allie 'Boo' G.:   D28DCM@aaarea56.org

CINCYPAA Liaison VACANT cincypaa.liaison@aaarea56.org

DAYPAA Liaison VACANT:  daypaa.liaison@aaarea56.org



     Area 56 Newsletter 'Walking With Purpose' December 2017

 Area 56 2018 Calendar  

A Message from Our Delegate Laura G.: "At the Area elections on Saturday (09/16/2017), the following panel of officers was elected for 2018-2019 (Panel 68):

Delegate: Jenny C.

Area Chair/Alternate Delegate: Dave L.

Registrar/Corresponding Secretary: Andrea H.

Treasurer: Bob McM.

Recording Secretary: Sandy H.

Congratulations to all and thank you for your willingness to be of service to AA as a whole!"

Our Area 56 Past Delegate, Mark E., is our new East Central Regional Trustee

Spring 2017 Issue: Area 56 Newsletter Walking With Purpose!

Area 56 GSR School Workbook

August 2016 Issue: Area 56 Newsletter Walking With Purpose!

      Area 56 Handbook revised 2016

Why Attend the Area 56 Mini-Conference?

Mini-Conference (and GSC) In a Nutshell for Everyone (you don't have to be a GSR to come to the Mini-Conference)  

Mission Statement Area 56

Informed Group Conscience

Area 56 Fiscal Policy approved 10/19/2014


Area Meetings, including Planning Meetings, are held at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church at 470 South Gebhart Church Road, Miamisburg, OH  45342

Monthly Service Meetings
Area 56 Handbook




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